Kickboxing & Circuit Training

Get into the best physical and mental shape of your life! Our Kickboxing and circuit training classes develop your skills along with all the physical, cardio and self-defense benefits. Get in great shape and feel good with these fun, high-energy classes, suitable for all fitness levels!

1 week of KICKBOXING for $29.99

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Weekly Schedule
MondayBag Work Out (11:45am-12:30pm)
Bag Workout (6:45pm- 7:30pm)
TuesdayBag Work Out(11:45-12:30pm)
Kick Boxing (6:45-7:30pm)
WednesdayCircuit Training (11:45-12:30pm)
ThursdayBag Work Out (11:45am-12:30pm)
Bag Work Out (6:45am-7:30pm)
FridayKick Boxing (11:45am-12:30pm)